Animals and Wildlife

I am an animal lover and when I first went to college I majored in wildlife management, thus I often paint animals especially on the old barn wood blocks I create.  Click on the image to read more about each painting.

Sacred Cow 30"x24" Canvas
Goldfinch on mexican Sunflower 14"x11" canvas
River Log 20"x24" Canvas
Pelican Diptych 2 canvases 18"x24" each
Reflection 16"x20" Canvas
Pollinators 36"x20" Canvas
Rescued 16"x20" Canvas
Murphey (NFS)
Red Spotted Purple Butterfly 20"x24" Canvas
Luna Moth 18"x24" Canvas
I See You 20"x16" Canvas
Great Pyrenees (NFS)
Friendly Pig 20"x24" Canvas
Yard Hen 24"x18" Canvas