Autumn Dogwood

I always enjoy seeing this dogwood from my front yard turn colors in early fall, particularly how it wraps around the pine tree making the red contrast with the brown/grey of the pine bark in the early morning light. A variety of trees with trunks of different sizes and shades of brown stretch vertically across the canvas. The foliage consists of leaves in a mix of colors, with prominent clusters of the red leaves of the autumn dogwood in the foreground. I included trees with yellow and green leaves, to highlight the colorful autumnal landscape.
The canopy has patches of light blue sky breaking through, depicting a day with a mix of sun and clouds allowing me to capture the interplay of light and shadow, with darker areas beneath the trees contrasting with the light filtering through the forest canopy. I have tried to portray the natural beauty and tranquility of a forest in the midst of autumn.

24 in. x 20 in. acrylics on canvas