Inspired by my families annual bonfire, usually at Thanksgiving or Christmas, to burn last years Christmas tree and other brush that accumulates over the year.
In this painting I have placed the fire in a forest scene featuring towering grey and black trees that stretch up into a misty and somewhat ethereal turquoise background, giving a sense of depth and mystery to the forest. The focal point of the painting is a vividly rendered fire situated at the center of the composition. The fire itself is painted with dynamic strokes of red, orange, and yellow, and the flames twist and reach upwards, suggesting movement and heat. The brushwork for the fire contrasts with the more subdued and smoother application of paint used to portray the trees and background, emphasizing the fire’s warmth and energy against the cool, shadowy environment of the forest. Shadows loom around the fire, accentuating the light and making the fire appear as a beacon in the darkness. The painting captures a moment of solitude and natural beauty, evoking contemplation and a the sense of a solitary adventure in the wild.

20 in. x 16 in.
Acrylics on canvas