Landscapes and Buildings

The world is such a beautiful place and I try to convey that in my landscapes and buildings.  Click on the image to learn more about each painting.

Orange Sky 30"x10" Canvas
Arch 22"x28" Canvas
Letting Go 10"x30"Canvas
Morning Mountains 24"x20" Canvas
Soundside Dock 12"x16" Canvas
Stormy Day at Stonehenge 24"x30" Canvas
Stone Shed 7.5"x7.5" Old Barn Wood
Doorway 7.5"x7.5" Old Barn Wood
Topsail Tower 7"x5.5" Old Barn Wood
Country Mailboxes 8"x7.5" Old Barn Wood
Covered Bridge #2, 20"x24" Canvas
Covered Bridge #1, 20"x24" Canvas
Evening Light 16"x24" Canvas
The Old Well
Aspens 10"x10" Live edged wood (NFS)
Grand Tetons 20"x40" Canvas
Fall on the C&O 24"x36" Canvas Canal
Left Behind 24"x30" Canvas
Greece 11"x14" Canvas
Love Barn 18"x24" Canvas
Evening Light on Half Dome 18"x24" Canvas