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Art is life..

Most of us on the brink of trying something new are likely to ask “Can I do it?” But for all of us the question “How do I do it?” is a better place to start”

Ellen J. Langer, On Becoming an Artist

I am a born naturalist and love to be outside in the natural
world. For me, painting is a way to immerse myself in nature by closely observing
my subject to represent it as I see it.  This process opens me to the
subject so that it becomes a part of me and a part of me is present in each
painting.  I consider every painting an experiment, working and reworking
it until I get to where I want to go. This has taught me perseverance,
patience and self-forgiveness.  I am inspired by where I live in rural
North Carolina and the outdoor spaces I visit in the world. I would describe my
painting style as stylized realism, and what I most strive for is to capture
the beauty of the world around me.  As a child my mother took me to
museums and plays instilling in me a lifelong love of the arts. Her
grandchildren called her BB based on her initials. I sign all my paintings BBII
in memory of my mother and because my first two initials are B as well. I
primarily paint with acrylics on canvas and up-cycled old NC barn wood,
although I occasionally venture into painting on objects.

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Member Chatham Artist Guild since 2021
Member Pittsboro Gallery of Art since 2023


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A selection of my paintings on canvas and up-cycled old barn wood.  See more on the Gallery page.