My Story.

Art is life..

Most of us on the brink of trying something new are likely to ask “Can I do it?'”But for all of us the question “How do I do it?” is a better place to start”
Ellen J. Langer, On Becoming an Artist

I consider everything I have done in my life a creative endeavor.  From teaching high school and college to raising my children and designing experiments during my doctoral work and as a cell biologist, I have explored my creativity. In 2016 I picked up a paintbrush and decided it was time to paint, something I have wanted to do since childhood.  The artist inside finally had the courage to express herself.  I am self-taught and consider every painting an experiment, working and reworking it until I get to were I want to go. This has taught me perseverance, patience and self-forgiveness.  I am inspired by where I live in rural North Carolina and the outdoor spaces I visit in the world. What I most strive for is to capture the beauty around me.  

Member Chatham Artist Guild since 2021


My Studio

At Dragonfly Pond

My Paintings

A selection of my paintings on canvas and up-cycled old barn wood.  See more on the Gallery page.