Deep South

This painting was inspired by a Live Oak lined road in St. Augustine.  I have attempted to depict a serene and stately avenue flanked by towering trees whose branches and leaves form an arch overhead, creating a natural tunnel effect. The trees are portrayed with shades of blue and gray, with sunlight filtering through the canopy, adding touches of green where the light hits the leaves, conveying a cool and tranquil atmosphere. The perspective draws the viewer’s gaze toward the end of the avenue, where a pink building with classical architectural elements stands as a focal point. The building is fronted by a white entrance, and multiple windows adorn the front, giving the impression of a grand Southern manor. The road leading to this edifice is shaded in blues and grays, with the shadows of the trees cast upon it, enhancing the depth and dimensionality of the scene. The lush green grass by the roadside adds a fresh contrast to the dominant cool tones. The painting evokes a sense of quiet and majesty, inviting contemplation.

20 in. x 24 in. on gallery wrapped canvas