Plant and Florals

As a lover of nature and green being my favorite color I am drawn to painting plants and flowers.  Click on the image to see prices and read more about each painting.

Gloriosa Daisy 20"x16" Canvas
Autumn Dogwood 24"x20" Canvas
Grapes 48"x30" Canvas
Columbine Flowers 36"x24" Canvas
Daffodils 20"x16" canvas
Caterpillar on Dill Weed 14"x11" Canvas
Spring Colors 24"x20" Canvas
Pollinators 36"x24" Canvas
Cat Tails 30"x24" Canvas
Holding On 12"x16" Canvas
Potential 20"x20" Canvas
Spider Lily 20"x24" Canvas
Lotus Bud 20"x20" Canvas
Red Hot Poker 24"x18" Canvas
Coneflower Asters 16"x12" Canvas
Creamsicle Iris 24"x12" Canvas
Spruce Cone 5"x5" Canvas
Tulip Tree Flower 20"x20" Canvas
Purple Meadow Flower 20"x16" Canvas
Roses 18"x14" Canvas

Magnolia Triad

Magnolia Flowers 36"x24" Canvas
Magnolia Fruit 36"x14" Canvas
Magnolia Seeds 26"x24" Canvas
Ginkgo Tree 30"x24" Canvas
Garden Beets
Garden Beets 18"x14" Canvas
Honey Mushrooms 12"x12" Canvas
Ripe Tomato 12"x12" Canvas
Blackberry Lily
Blackberry Lily 24"x20" Canvas
Snake Plant
Snake Plant 24"x20" Canvas
Winter's End
Winter's End 18"x14" Canvas
Old Sycamore
Old Sycamore 30 "x24" Canvas
Look Up 20"x24" Canvas
Okra Flower
Okra Flower 24"x24" Canvas
Trilogy 14"x14" Canvas
Summer Hibiscus 24"x20" Canvas